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Hemlock Trees are under attack

June 2021News

Will our response help or make things worse? Western Pennsylvania’s Eastern Hemlock trees are under attack by a small insect called the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid. Infected trees in our area have a high mortality rate, although it usually takes several years for a tree to die after getting infected with the pest. While you may ….  Read More

Bots on social media study

June 2021News

CMU completed a study analyzing bot activity on twitter and other social media platforms. The study was done a year ago and foreshadowed many events that took place helping to erode trust in an already fragile society Around this time last year, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) ran a study to see how social media — ….  Read More

PA Turnpike Commission getting sued

June 2021News

After implementing a cashless toll system, the PA turnpike commission is facing a potential class-action lawsuit for overcharging motorists. The system not only costs more to operate, it also doesn’t work! Well, it’s happened. The first lawsuit against the PA Turnpike commission (PTC) since they instituted the all electronic tolling that debuted in the middle ….  Read More