PA Turnpike Commission getting sued

After implementing a cashless toll system, the PA turnpike commission is facing a potential class-action lawsuit for overcharging motorists. The system not only costs more to operate, it also doesn’t work!

Well, it’s happened. The first lawsuit against the PA Turnpike commission (PTC) since they instituted the all electronic tolling that debuted in the middle of the pandemic.

According to an article by Matt Miller from on May 12, 2021, a motorist by the name of Julie E. Thomas is alleging she is a victim of a deliberate scheme by the commission to, essentially, screw people out of money without them realizing it. And if Thomas gets her way, the lawsuit will soon be declared a class action suit, opening it up the masses to try and get a chunk back from the turnpike commission (well the turnpike commission and Transcore, the Tennessee-based company managing the new people-less tolling system, who are also named as a defendant in the lawsuit).

It’s no secret that tolls are the bane of every Pennsylvanian’s existence, especially out here in the western part of the state where the only real toll road is the turnpike. There’s talk of putting in a toll booth over one of the bridges going over i-79, but until that happens, we all enjoy relatively few toll roads. Which is just as well because tolls on the turnpike have risen for 13 straight years, the last one being a six percent increase in the summer of 2020.

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